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May 31, 2002

Tonight was very strange.

Just this morning, my Dad said to me that I kept forgetting to lock the top lock on the apartment door. I told him that I didn't forget, that I don't lock it on purpose, because I never know where he is or if he has his keys on him. I know he keeps a spare of the bottom lock outside, so I don't lock the top lock if I'm unsure.

He disappeared later and I locked the top lock when I left for dance. This will be important later. ::hinthint::

Later at dance, where it must have been over 100 degrees in the studio room, I donned my new tap shoes. Easier to tap, yes; less likely to hurt my ankles, yes; however much much more slippery. I slip slide and fall down go boom. Sigh. If it's not one thing it's another.

While at dance the torrent of rain began. Pouring, tons of lightning, trees falling down, the whole bit. The receptionist popped her head in the door to tell one girl that her mom called, and then to tell me that Steve called. I did a double take. Steve called? Steve doesn't even know that I dance there! I was SO happy. I grinned and squealed like a school girl because I thought that he tracked me down because he was worried about me coming home in the violent rain. I grinned and squealed and then I grinned and squealed some more and all the girls in my class gave me the 'Ah, she's so lucky. Young and in love' look. It completely made my night. Maybe my month. (See, those of you who know Steve know that this isn't something he's likely to do)

About 10 minutes later as I'm dancing I turn and I see my Dad. He doesn't know I dance there either. Oblivious of the steps I was doing, I called out "Why is my Dad here?" Wouldn't you know it, it would seem that he got locked out. He didn't have a spare key to the top lock. He had gone all the way to Steve's house (a considerable distance) and Steve told him I was still at dance. I put two and two together then and realized that Steve called not because he was worried about me, but to tell me my Dad got locked out. I was huffy for a few moments, but decided to stay happy that he tracked me down at all.

So now Dad took my key and if he locks me out, I will not be a happy little girl.

I finally got home to Steve's, and he says that all of his friends were scared of my Dad. Dad showed up at the same time Steve's friends all arrived on the front doorstep so they could go watch sports or whatever it is that boys do. Now, my dad is big. He works out a lot, is rather meanacing looking, and looks twenty years younger than he actually is. He asked one of them if I was around and he kinda scurried off with an "I dunno... I'm here for the friend upstairs." From everyone else the reaction was generally, "That's Jessica's dad?" Man. This kind of stuff only happens when I'm unable to be amused by it first hand. Instead I will entertain images of Steve and my Dad poking through the phonebook calling up dance schools in 'the area where they're pretty sure it's located'. Steve says they got it on the second try.

So in case anyone was wondering, this is why I don't lock the top lock.

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Get to break in my virgin tap shoes at dance tonight. This really shouldn't be the highlight of my day, but it is. The highlight of my week, actually. Flip knows I went through all that trouble to get them; they'd better make me happy. The heels are a half an inch lower than my black ones, so hopefully I can get away with one less ankle brace. No need to kill myself by having my ankles give out on me on stage, though it might be really funny.

Dad says it's hot and muggy out (I wouldn't know, having no windows and having not left the house yet). Great. Lovely. Just what I need so I can dance for hours in absolute comfort. Bleh. I want snow.

Nice nice Chrissy has been watching her subbed CCS tapes with me. Just finished the first arc when Yue first deigns to grace us with his uber-prettiness. *snee*

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May 28, 2002

Just got home from spending all day shopping for tap shoes. I HATE SHOE SHOPPING! HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE and always have. See, everyone and their mothers are my size, (in this case, that would be 8 1/2 W). As a result, there are never any shoes in stock in my size. Tap shoes, jazz shoes, sneakers, dress shoes, ice skates, roller blades, you name it and there will not be an 8 1/2 W in the style that I want. Every other shoe, yes; the shoe I want, no. If I'm lucky, I can settle for getting an 8 or a 9, neither of which really fit, but they're do-able when you have no other choice or if you're about ready to snap and jump out the nearest window.

I hate traveling all over Brooklyn and all over Manhattan trying to find something in my size that meets my standard of 'plain' and 'black' especially since I do not have a car, and even if I did, there would be no place to keep parking it.

Because of this phenomenon I have very few pairs of shoes, and it is likely that no two pairs will be the same size.

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Why is it so difficult to track down digisubs of Yami no Matusei eps. 8-13? Yes, I know it's licensed. This series warrants checking out the professional release, anyway. Until then where's eps. 8-13?

Fruits Basket episode 10 continues to elude me. I go grr.

In the meantime I watched Level-C raw. Plot? What plot?

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May 27, 2002

Steve showed this to me. I've been pimping it out. Lego Star Wars Movie

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Kelly took me to see the Broadway play 42nd Street on Saturday. Lots of tap. I love tap! Definitely made me wish my dance recital was right now instead of at the end of June. ::breaks out her tap shoes::

Chrissy invited me to watch her newly acquired entire run of subtitled CCS. ::Is green with envy:: We got as far as... oh, who knows. You start to lose track of how many episodes you've watched after a while.

Speaking of watching too many episodes in a row, I need to rewatch Twin Peaks. Several summers ago I spent an entire week in a non-stop marathon watching Twin Peaks from the moment I woke up till the moment I went to bed. Steve insists that I never finished watching the last couple of episodes, but I could swear I finished it. I blame my not recalling how it ended on simple senility. It was so long ago that it was before Steve had furniture. I remember we were sleeping on the living room floor because that's where the AC was. Ah... memories... but I digress.
One of the books related to Twin Peaks, The Diary of Laura Palmer gave me nightmares. Of course, like a lot of stuff in Twin Peaks, it fit right into the types of things that really freak me out. They caused my dreams of psychotic homicidal mutant clown dolls to be dreams of psychotic homicidal mutant clown dolls named Bob. ::shiver::

Kisa-chan from Fruits Basket is adorable. I want one. ::snuggle::

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May 24, 2002

Oh, CLAMP. CLAMP, CLAMP, CLAMP. You are twisted ladies. Not that anyone is surprised by this. Not that anyone was suprised by the latest turn of events either. However, that is not my point, since as I said, we saw that coming. My point is, if Karen ends up getting herself offed just so Aoki-san can cry for her, I will be very disappointed. We already know that "no one will cry for me when I die" is equivalent to painting a target on one's chest with the words 'impale me here' - and we already would not be surprised if the above mentioned scenario played itself out - but there's just something so cracked out about dying just so the one you love will cry for you. Before this installment, I figured that "no one will cry for me when I die" might be an effect of, not a possible cause of her imminent death. Karen, darling, you need a new wish and fast.

I'd say that the death in this chapter was a spoiler, if it wasn't already achingly obvious. The spewing waterfall of blood had me alternating between 'eww!', and 'that looks mad cool'. Now it alters between 'ow, that must hurt', and 'how is it that everyone manages to give these epic speeches with a gaping hole in their chest?' I must say that fist-through-chest is my preferred method of X death. While decapitation, disembowlment, and spontaenous combustion are all valid choices, I prefer that which keeps the characters in more or less one piece.

So now there's an empty spot on the DOE roster, and I do see Arashi as the most likely candidate, assuming we have to keep filling up the empty spaces. Even before X TV went that route, I thought it made sense. It would fit in with the whole 'everyone in this story is a mental crack case' and it would fit in with CLAMP's obsession of it being a good thing to die by the hands of the one you love.

The thought of Fuuma having an 'exceptional wish' and whatever it might be freaks me out. I want to mention that Shigure from Fruits Basket creeps me out as well, but that's neither here nor there.

News of other fandoms: I mentioned IP 13 was released before, and it has been made known that chapter 14 will be the final chapter. I am saddened. While all good things must come to an end, I wasn't expecting the end so soon. I've been following that fic for about a year now, and ironically enough it's the fandom I've most actively participated in. Things just won't be the same. Draco Veritas will have about 15 more chapters to quell my general Harry Potter craving, but I've given up hope that it'll ever have a slash twist. She sure does tease though... HP slash is my guilty pleasure.

Oh and life still sucks... I'm just trying to distract myself.

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May 22, 2002

As Steve said: It looks awful, but I want it.

Settlers of Catan is what must be the grooviest board game ever to have been invented. It's got sheep. It's German, as all good games seem to be -- don't know why that is, exactly. It's really simple to learn, but it's impossible to master! And it's got sheep!

Basically, there's an island called Catan. Which you settle. Yeah... there's your premise. First one to expand their control to a certain point wins and becomes LORD OF ALL CATAN! [ok, so that last bit was something that we created to increase the amount of trash talking coup declarations. Steve is currently Lord of Catan. I am currently the Lowly Serf of All Catan. I will stage my coup and reclaim my crown! (We use burger king crowns with "Lord of All Catan" and "Lowly Serf of All Catan" marked on them with big letters. Hey, we get into it.)]

The twist is that the board [which is made of hexadecimal units of land that provide either wood, brick, sheep, wheat, or ore] changes every time you play. And how productive each 'square' of the board will be also changes. The roll of a die determines which areas of the board give you resources (which is annoying when you build on an 8, and all game, no one rolls an 8 just to spite the probability gods meanwhile someone has rolled an 11 three times in a row.) You trade resources with your opponents to build roads, settlements and cities. There are many different strategies to employ depending on your circumstances and it's always anybody's game. If you get too far ahead, your opponents won't trade with you. If you're too obnoxious, your opponents won't trade with you... watch out for them unassuming quiet players... they pop out from behind and steal the crown!

There is a 6 player expansion [game is defaulted at 3 or 4 players] and there's also the Seafarers expansion set. In this set, you also take to the seas to settle not only the original island, but other small islands as well.

I'm not doing a decent enough job describing it because I am tired, but here's a link to where you can buy it and/or read reviews: Funagain Games: Settlers of Catan
There's an online Java version to help your addiction. Who wants wood? I'll give you two sheep for one wood!

And because everyone should enjoy great quality and very amusing games for less money than it takes to eat a supersized value meal: Cheapbutt Games [well, not quite, but there are certain words not in my dainty vocabulary] Come on everyone, Kill Dr. Lucky!, Gimme the Brain!, and Devil Bunny Needs a Ham!

Yes, I like to pimp games. Some games are just in need of serious pimping!

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... Amidst so many horrible things this week with even more to come, it's nice to know that there's still a few things in life to look forward to. Long-awaited Irresistible Poison Chapter 13 has been released. I've only just started reading it at the moment, so no comments yet. And Fruits Basket scanslations.

I may not make an appearance for a while. Depressing real life is rearing it's ugly head.

Of note to those who wanted to know: Full Moon wo Sagashite volume 1 will be released next month, so it'll probably be in the bookstores here by early August or so. They tend to order Ribon tanks late.

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May 19, 2002

I've been sick. I'm still sick. It's been a week now. You hear that, immune system? A week! Stop slacking off and start doing your job already. Get the gunk out of my nose, get the gunk out of my bronchial tubes, and evict those buggers that are living in my ears and throat. Make me better, I command thee! *coughsnifflewheeze*

I am going to pick up my Ribon and Asuka tomorrow and I shall be as happy as a iguana basking in the sunshine. Now I will have Ribony goodness to read while my brain melts and drips out my nose. Dad got me manga for my birthday and so I have completed my run of Yami no Matsuei. Of course I immediately started a Fruits Basket run because I am unable to finish a series before starting on another one. It is an evil evil affliction.

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May 17, 2002

A pal of mine sent me the link to this: it's the opening to Cowboy Bebop - Mario style. Mario Bebop!

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May 16, 2002

Saw the midnight showing of Star Wars: Attack of the Clones last night. Spoiler free run-down:

The good:
-- The actor playing Young Anakin Skywalker did a great job. Very well done. I applaud. Leer! Grieve! Rage! Even with the cheesy 'romantic' dialogue they gave you.
-- Yoda. Is. God. And Yoda's always kinda freaked me, so from me, that's saying a lot.
-- The Fetts. And baby Boba cackles!
-- Couple of interesting little battle sequences.
-- I'm beside myself!

The crack-smoking:
-- Jar Jar is... a diplomat? Surreal.
-- Is that a rubber neck?
-- The frolicking in the rolling hills Sound of Music-style
-- 'Romantic' dialogue? Gag me. Shoot me. You've been watching too many angsty teen WB shows haven't you?
-- Amidala? It's called a bra. And have some backbone, girl.
-- Master Kenobi, ever want to smack yourself on the head and go 'doh!'? Seeing the Obvious 101.
-- Master Windu, I see you've decided that your acting was so top notch last movie that you could barely outdo yourself this time.

Now for anime stuffs.
Fruits Basket = Not just bishounen, fuzzy aminals too! When can I start huggling?
Gravitation = I think I've decided that I just don't care for Shuichi. Don't dislike him, just don't care for him. He should not be allowed to buy his own clothes.
Yami no Matsuei = Died and gone to heaven. Literally. Sexy men aside, Wakaba is adorable.
Ribon and Asuka zasshi = I command thee to arrive into my grubby little paws!

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May 15, 2002

Because I love stuff like this: Which Dragon of Earth am I?

Shiyuu Kusanagi
You're probably one of the nicest people around, treating everyone around you with equal displays of respect. You even respect the trees, and you can hear them speaking to you. When you make friends with someone, you protect them as best you can. You're a truly good person.
Take the "Which Dragon Of Earth Are You!" test!
by Maduin & Kira

Shout if you're surprised! ::long silence:: I didn't think so. ::huggles Moosie::

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May 14, 2002

I've known about this for a while, but I procrastinate posting things as usual. For all you RPG fans out there: Knights of the Dinner Table Online - Three times a week for six weeks.

Have you worshipped CLAMP today?And I'm sick. Bleh. Sore throat, cloggy ears, fatigue. I can feel the bacteria growing. It's not a pleasant feeling. DIE BUGS DIE!

I made this little wallpaper of Jiima and Dita from CLAMP's Chobits. Not much is known about them yet, and Dita's gender is mysterious, but man, do they look cool. The wallpaper isn't anything special, especially since I originally was playing around with it as a layout, spun it around and thought it looked good as stationery, then just gave up and altered it to wallpaper dimensions. What more do you want from me? I'm sick. BLAH! Now I breathe on you.

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May 11, 2002

Re: Dubya - Amen.

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May 10, 2002

Amongst other things, Steve got me a plushie camel for my birthday!! [See May 6th post] He said that I had been wondering what happened to the camel, and now I know. Camel came home with me. Yes, it's sappy, and unbearably sugar cute, but that's one of the many reasons why I love him to pieces. ^_^ He also handed me an edible green elven boy on a stick. It's the little things that make life so special. Now if he could only find a plushie porcupine like I want. I love underappreciated aminals. A porcupine would be a perfect edition to my Echidna, my 3-4 foot tall Moosie, and Squishey, my giant squid plushie that has tentacles as long as my arm. ::snuggles::

Yes, I have an unhealthy obsession with squishy huggable fuzzy things. Not unlike himself, actually.

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May 9, 2002

Go me. It's my birthday... oh poo... it's after midnight... ok, so go me, yesterday was my birthday. I'm old.

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May 6, 2002

Found Genjuu Bunsho vols. 3 and 4 at Book Off. On the train coming home I decided to flip through them only to be confronted with a scene with a GIANT MUTANT SPIDER! I promptly dropped the book and bolted before I realized what happened. I'm glad the train wasn't crowded. Now, anyone who dares utter, "Well, what do you expect from a story that takes place about 1500 years in the post apocalyptic future where people ride giant mutant bugs?" will get their innards exposed X-style only in decidedly less pretty manner - perhaps get their innards exposed YamiEi-style. To you I say, bah! Giant mutant moths are one thing. Giant mutant praying mantises are another thing. Giant mutant spiders are a completely different ballpark/country/planet/universe/dimension... you get the idea. And yes, they are giant and mutant - giant and mutant being the key words. They were not teenage, nor were they ninjas, just to clarify. I must bookmark the evil giant mutant spider pages somehow so that way I will never accidentally stumble across it again. If you can count how many times I say GIANT MUTANT spider in this post you win a cookie.

In news of the non-giant and non-mutant variety, Asahiya still hasn't gotten in June's Ribon. Normally this is expected, but Chrissy got hers from Kino last week and poo snot I want mine now!

Things to add to the list of things that with the aid of my miraculous new glasses I can now see without needing to be within 10 feet of them and squinting really hard: license plates, street signs, house addresses, the dollar menu, and clocks. Of course now that I think about it, it was these new glasses that caused me to see the giant mutant spiders instead of a blob of vague indeterminable fuzziness. 'Tis the price I must pay...

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I am a yaoi fan and even I can't watch most of these explicitly yaoi vids with a straight face. Don't mind me, I'm just amusing myself. No, not thatway! Put down that ear of corn...

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O_O Dear Flip it's a miracle... I can see! Now that I have finished enduring the headaches, dizziness, and worbled depth perception that result from a adjusting to a new prescription, I am enjoying a sense that I long thought was no longer within my reach! With or without glasses I haven't been able to see well for ages... my optometrist said I haven't been to see him for 7 years! (The past 7 years I've randomly gone to other walk-in glasses places when my glasses broke or otherwise needed adjustments.) The world has literally come back into focus for me. Not only can I see the 'walk/don't walk' signs when I cross the street, but I can also see the numbers on buses and I can read things across the room! I could get used to this!

My new glasses came in handy when Steve and I had a movie day this weekend. We saw... argh.. that movie that I can't remember the name of because I dubbed it "The Road Rage Movie", then The Scorpion King, and finally Spiderman. Normally I don't care where we sit because I can't see the screen from up close, in the back or even from the middle. Now I got to say I didn't care because I could see from anywhere. Even n the back I could still distinguish the pixellation on the digital screens. I am more than sufficiently wowed by this condition called sight.

Movie reviews? All three were decent. I actually liked The Scorpion King the best. Fun and humorous in a not-quite-but-almost-campy way and the actors had charisma. Especially the camel, but then we all know I'd be partial to the camel. My only gripe is *spoiler*: at the end, where is the camel? I want to know why the camel is not present.

I downloaded a lot of random anime episodes today from a variety of series including Chobits, Yami no Matsuei, Gravitation, Full Moon wo Sagashite, Evangelion... I've got a lot of watching to do.

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May 3, 2002

Yay! My CLAMP Tenmagouka RG Veda artbook came! WHEE! It weighs a ton, which is a good thing because it means more gorgeous pictures. *squeal squeal*

Jean Thesman yearly book is out. Yes, I seem to be the only one who's ever heard of her, and yes, she writes for teens. I get everything of hers that I can find, though I like her older stuff better. The new book has a fantasy element. She doesn't do many stories with fantastic plots and I find that they tend to lack something her other stories don't. Her better stories have had a subtle - I guess haunted is the word I'm looking for - aura about them. (Not in the scary way.) Most of her works are simple realistic fiction. As for my favorite, I recommend The Last April Dancers. No book has ever affected me as much as that one has.

I finally picked up my new glasses. I can't see. No, change that: I can see so well that my brain can't process so it's as if I can't see. "Wow, everything's so bright and clear, OW!" I said as I bumped into the desk and room divider at the eye doc's office. I was met with amusement.

Sleep time now.

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May 2, 2002

Big tough gentle tree-huggin aminal-luvin guy meets cute genki jailbait. What do you mean I identify?And lo, my new favorite phrase: I colored again. This time it's actually the Kusanagi/Yuzuriha pic. I had a hard time trying to find a color for that cute little outfit that wouldn't clash horribly with Kusanagi's green-ness. I had imagined Yuzu-chan's outfit was beige, but I didn't want to color it that way hence the inidentifiable pinkish color. If it looks weird it's Kusanagi's fault, since he's the one who bought her the outfit ^_~.

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May 1, 2002

I've been trying to decide which yaoi mag I might like to get on a regular basis. If CLAMP doesn't get off their collective booty and up the length of the X installments, I may switch my Asuka to a yaoi mag when my subscription runs out. Blasphemy! While I like the stuff running in Asuka, I don't give it the attention I do to Ribon, so it falls lower on the satisfaction scale. If it keeps up I figure I'll get something a little more fulfilling instead.

I've been narrowing it down from the mags that are readily available here. Art style is the biggest factor, followed by specific authors and kinks. I've tried Ciel, Dear+, Chara and Chara Selections, all of which are viable candidates. The issue of Reijin I have is fun, but expensive and the art's a bit funky. Kino's got several copies of Hana-something, but I can't flip through them and they're expensive enough that I end up putting them back before I leave. I'm not fond of most of the BexBoy art, which is annoying because they've got variety. Chara Selections seems to be winning as I've gone out of my way to pick up the last three successive issues.

What is the adjectival form of 'comic' as in the literary form? If there isn't one then I'll have to make one. Saying 'the comic form of' is too long and not precise enough.

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